Re: "Men, Women & The Sex Difference"

Kathryn Aegis (
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 22:51:11 +0000

Composite reply

>I mean, people who are shocked by a bit of cosmetic surgery, these people
>will never buy the transhumanism package. No ways. It's the wrong target
>group altogether.

I just love the way you take time to carefully read our postings and
then tell us we are wasting our time! If you disagree and yet read,
others may do the same and some brain cells might get stretched a

>Hormones as part of chromosomes XX, XY, XYY?

If doctors respond to the Duke University study on intersexual
children and turn the decision as to whether to apply any sort of
treatment over the intersexual individuals, we will have more
members of the human population not in conformity with male/female
classifications. (Not to mention currently existing androgynes) I
figure that it would be more precise for medical purposes for each
human to carry a profile based on internal factors, such as
XX/(n)E/(n)T (with E= estrogen and T= testosterone). For social
purposes, each individual could decide for themselves what gender
they wish to be known under, if any at all.


Kathryn Aegis