Re: Modern Technology: Out of Control?

Max More (
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 11:59:19 -0800

At 09:21 AM 1/20/98 -0800, Robin wrote:
>A nit: each of us can choose our own plan, but as humanity we cannot
>choose a plan for ourselves. Evolutionary selection still functions, and
>plans have reproductive consequences. Those who choose plans which result
>in fewer progeny will be selected out in the long term.

A nit with this: This isn't quite accurate. Those plans may not take over
the society of all persons, but the plans of those with few progeny can
take over sub-societies. If, as I suspect, posthumanity will diverge both
in space as well as in form, even those who don't reproduce can form
cultures independent of most of posthumanity. Their plans would only be
selected out if you assume that only one culture/set of ideas will exist. I
see no reason to believe this.


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