Re: "Men, Women & The Sex Difference"

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Sun, 18 Jan 1998 20:48:52 EST

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>>Hormones as part of chromosomes XX, XY, XYY?
>I suspect Kathryn's proposal makes more deep sense than any other,
>including chromosome complement. Sporting authorities are going to have to
>come to terms, if they haven't already, with the fact that some XY people
>are female because they lack the enzyme that enables testosterone or one of
>its precursors to set off the usual XY masculinizing cascade (IIRC).

I think they're afraid of the slippery slope of identifying the sex/
gender of intersexuals. Women of the type you describe certainly
are far closer to "normal" women than men; but there are lots of
intersexuals who fall all over the map. Many people in
this world who were born with essentially male biology but the parts
didn't come out right. Conventional therapy for these kinds of
intersexual is, to put it very crudely, lop off any genitalia that
sticks out and give them estrogens, starting as soon as possible
after birth. I am *not* making this up. Plus there are even more
people in all the states between "basically male" and "basically female".

The sporting authorities have a clear rule now and it would take a lot
to make them change. In addition, intersexuality is a very touchy
topic and I think few want to get into it.