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>John K Clark <> wrote:
>idea - what if all these bible prophecies were true and our creator is
>going to come down in the next millennium and wreak havoc on anyone
>who hasn't lived their lives according to his word. We'd have a fight
>on our hands, and a big sci-fi summer-release movie style fight at
>that. So hands up anyone who wants to try and sell a movie about
>humanities war against God! Not likely, might stand a chance as a
>novel though.

Here's a simple solution:
An entity claiming to be God announces that it is here to take over the
Earth. It gives "omnipotent" information that convinces the Churches of
all religions that it really is God. (Probably secret information hidden
by the elite rulers of each religion.) The religious believe and accept
"God". Atheists and scientists disbelieve "God", and think he's an alien,
future entity, or something from another dimension. They wage war with
"God", and must function underground because most of the Earth believes in
"God". God fights with almost omnipotent power and/or future nanotech.
After a greatly entertaining story, the humans win.

Conclusion: The religious decide that it could not have been God, because
we won. It must have been the false-God as prophesied for the end times.
They announce that since the false-God prophesy was real, that this really
proves that there is a God! They also announce that according to the
now-proven prophesies, the real God is coming real-soon now. (Hook for the
blockbuster sequel!)

Please make out my portion of the royalties in U.S. funds to Harvey
Newstrom. Thanks.

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