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Havta admit it's more fun than psychonanalyzing Zippy. 'gene

Joe Strout (of MURG fame) made a third place!

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For those interested, Albert's reaction to winning the Loebner Contest
is online (and unedited) at

Several people have asked if Albert is named after Einstein, to which
the answer is no. Albert is named after a child I met while we were
both doing time at the scotish rite children's hospital around '74-75.
The real Albert had a rare form of arthritis that made it impossible
for him to get out of bed. I watched them take him screaming to PT
twice a day for 3 weeks. I realized then that there is more to life
than just being here.

That's all I'll have to say about Loebner's show unless they fail to
send me my prize, in which case I hope to enlist the aid of
SpaceHitler to help me fry their fucking brains!


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> Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 23:10:49 -0500

Apols to all for my extremely accurate reportage of the Loebner
Prize. My other isp has been down for several days, which has given me
time to meditate upon the evil of my ways. Just goes to show, you
*can't* believe everything you read on the 'net.

Stay tuned for my future revelations:

Nixon: Not Guilty After All
Research finds: Earth Really Is Flat

So here's a neat little link to amuse you: