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Subject: The Asian Crises

|The only people who benefit from these bailouts are the bankers.
|Remember Mexico: the people had their wages cut in half, and our
|trade deficit skyrocketed. Our taxes are to be used to promote
|the general welfare, not subsidize international bankers.
|The "global gangsters" see an area of the world that they want to
|invest in (Asia, etc.); Soros an other "money manipulators" then
|attack that nation's currency. After it has been devalued and the
|people impoverished, the multinational companies step in and buy
|up their assets "dirt cheap." Wealth is then transfered from the
|hard working people of this world to the billionaire bankers, whose
|loans have failed because of the currency crisis. The laundering
|mechanism for these loans -- IMF, World Bank, G7, etc. -- then
|impose conditions on the victimized country that are favorable to
|the robber barons. Also, because of the influx of this money, the
|assets previously bought appreciate in value.
|What we have is a clear violation of the RICO statute. When are the
|states going to arrest members of the CFR, and other parties complicit
|in this scam. I would also suggest that the people of Europe do the
|same with the RIIA. These crooks have murdered 100s of thousands of
|people in their "bankers wars," and literally stolen trillions of
|dollars from the masses. It is now time for the people to "rise up,"
|and demand that justice be done.
|WHEN IS "ROB" RUBIN GOING TO BE ARRESTED? He has stolen billions of
|our hard earned dollars from the treasury, without getting "STATUTORY"
|authority from Congress.
|ps. Alan Greenspan is going to cause a Depression if he doesn't drama-
|tically lower interest rates.
|The World Bank Group has estimated total market requirements for
|infrastructure in East Asia at US$ 1.2 to 1.5 trillion over the
|next decade. Despite keen interest, the number of private projects
|underway is well short of the potential. This session will focus on
|critical constraints to increased private participation and
|possible remedies.
|* The gap in expectations and perceptions of risks
|* Government objectives, commitment, and decisionmaking processes
| * Sector policies and legal and regulatory framework
|* Unbundling, mitigation, and risk management
|* Domestic capital markets and mechanisms to provide long-term debt
|* Transparency and competition in contracting

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