Stocks Up and Down - EIG Meeting

Natasha V. More (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 17:00:01 -0600

Our last meeting of the Extropian Investment Group was really helpful during
this time of ups and downs. Rather than go over details of the meeting,
I'll pitch to Extropy Online to cover the meetings so that everyone can gain
some wisdom form how some experts are dealing with it as well as those of us
who are learning the ropes (or should I say bulls and bears -:)

I had a funny thought yesterday after hearing about the market's morning
lows and afternoon highs (relevant): I can see the traders rising at the
crack of dawn running in their p'jamas to computer terminals, phone lines
and tv programs to check out the Asian market. Then, after the usual bad
news and selling off what they can, in mobs they head for the corner bar for
several hours, until they, after a few martinis, build up enough courage to
rush back and buy what they can by the close of the day.

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