Cryopromotion (was Re: Midwest Extropians)

Lee Crocker (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 15:20:38 -0800

> One moment I'll always remember is when Steve took
> out his Alcor dog tag (I forget what it's really
> called, it's the tag Steve wears around his neck to
> indicate to non-Alcor medical personnel the
> procedures they should follow should, Frank-forbid,
> Steve unexpectedly die.). Actually holding such an
> item in my hand made the possibilities of cryonics a
> little more real for me.

Interesting. Naked wrists are the exception out here;
at Extro3 more people had Alcor bracelets than had
wrist watches.

That beings up an interesting idea though: perhaps
Alcor's desire to protect its patients' privacy has
unwittingly influenced us to be less vocal about it
than we might otherwise? Here's a suggestion: let us
all update the pictures on our Web pages to include
the decorated wrist--which is a much more effective
symbol and clear statement than a mere paragraph and
a link, as the original author here makes clear.
It would be especially effective if the pseudo-
celebrities among us did it: Max, Eric, Minski, etc.

Anybody in exi-bay get a new digital camera for Nmas?

Alcor Patient A-1701

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