Midwest Extropians

M. E. Smith (mesmith@rocketmail.com)
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 14:25:29 -0800 (PST)

The first meeting of Midwest Extropians occurred as
planned on Saturday, 10 January. In attendance were

Michael Bowling
Michael Smith (myself)
Edward Sona
Steve Van Sickle
Brian Williams

(Thom Quinn RSVP'd; he was unable to make this time,
but wants to be kept notified of any future events.)

Good food and good conversation were had by all. We
had a good time discussing various Extropic issues
and getting to know one another. As I recall, we
spent a lot of time discussing subjects such as
cryonics, investing, science fiction, ExI, the
Internet, various technologies we are looking forward
to, the history and financial status of Alcor (Steve
assured us that they're in good shape), ways to
increase longevity, current events, to what extent
Dr. Seed was or wasn't on the up-and-up, and a lot

We agreed that the meeting should not be a unique
occurance. Next time, we hope to meet with a specific
event to go to (for example, Brian pointed out that
Douglas Hofstadter had recently given a talk in
Chicago that was open to the public; the rest of us
were sorry we'd missed it.).

One moment I'll always remember is when Steve took
out his Alcor dog tag (I forget what it's really
called, it's the tag Steve wears around his neck to
indicate to non-Alcor medical personnel the
procedures they should follow should, Frank-forbid,
Steve unexpectedly die.). Actually holding such an
item in my hand made the possibilities of cryonics a
little more real for me.

We all agreed that the event was a great success.

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M. E. Smith
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