Re: Dr. Seed on becoming god-like

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Mon, 12 Jan 1998 14:26:18

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>Did ya hear the immortal words of the impressive Doctor Seed?
>He's the one proposing to start a cloning clinic (because he can
>thereby help more people have the children they want) and make a
>ton of money (he hopes.) NPR played a sound bite in which he
>justified his plans by using biblical sounding languague to say
>something on the order of
> God made us in his image.

******** oh ! and in just 6 days, no more than 6 thousand years ago !!!

We're becoming more like him all
> the time. This [developing the ability to clone] is one of
> the important steps we need to take in becoming more like
> God. God intended for us to be like him, and for us to
> become more like him.
>What wonderful rhetoric! Can anyone find the exact words that
>Dr. Seed (no, I'm not making up the name!) used? I encourage
>extropians to find ways to use rhetoric like that when
>appropriate (when talking to the religious or the deluded.)

******** no ! this level of rethoric is so poor !!... that we would fall in
intelectual disgrace !!!

> We're
>just doing what God wants; God made us in his image; we're trying
>to become more like him in as many ways as possible.

******** there is a kind of cloth they say is still dirty with Jesus' dry
blood ... Just use such genes to the
external appearence... :-|D (terrible !!! some say Jesus was just
beautiful in his pictures of famous medieval european painters... : >>>
since they admired blond blue-eyed faces, ... Jesus could never be less

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