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Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 08:20:07 -0500

Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> At 1:36pm -0500 1/11/98, Michael Lorrey wrote:
> >Really? Think about all of the really resonant messages out there, like
> >"Visualize
> >World Peace" (and was satirized by "Visualize Whirled Peas"). Bumper
> >stickers are
> >actually very good meme spreaders, since people's memory is reinforced
> >when the
> >person has a high adrenaline level, and when the average person is
> >driving, they
> >have elevated adrenaline levels, especially in traffic jams, you have a high
> >adrenaline, capitve audience with nothing to do but look at the message on the
> >bumper of your car.
> Maybe I just don't pay enough attention to other people's messages. You
> may be right. I'll have to observe this for a while.

I noticed this while driving a lot in Seattle. I'd get so ticked off at
the numbskull drivers that any bumperstickers or big advertizing I saw
just seemed to STICK in my mind, as did whatever songs I was listening
to on the radio. It has been found in medical studies that elevated
adrenaline levels increase memory retention.

> >The message is that by satirizing the PETA name (WHich stands for, if you are
> >living in a hole, "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals") in such a
> >contrary
> >manner, I am a) showing total contempt for the real PETA group's message,
> >and b) in
> >entertaining people with this satire, I am planting a counter-PETA meme that
> >celebrates the carnivorous lifestyle, and humanity's position as the top
> >predator
> >on this planet.
> I recognized PETA, and understood your contempt for that group. I don't
> see how this helps bring about the future by spreading Extropian memes. It
> may be my interpretation. I don't subscribe to the logic that says
> ridiculing your opponent will make them look bad, or if they look bad you
> must look good. This probably works for much of the population, but since
> the logic is faulty, I would hate to try to spread reasonable memes with
> such unreasonable logic.

Well, it wasn't meant as an example of spreading extropian memes, but an
example of meme spreading in general. Because it is unique, and funny to
the extreme for many people in this area who live a gun toting/hunting
lifestyle, I have gotten a LOT of feedback. People wanting to know where
to get one, etc.

You don't necessarily need to make an opposing view look BAD, per se,
which you would do with mud slinging type statements, which are rather
passe these days for most people, but to plant an impression in people
heads from the humor reinforcement so that every time they see a PETA
emblem now, instead of thinking about animal testing, or fur wearing,
they will think "People Eating Tasty ANimals". Every remembrance
reinforces the meme, and minimizes the influence of the animal rights

THis isn't politics, its advertizing as a means of innoculating people
against anti extropian memes.

> Thanks for giving me much to think about. A lot of my posts lately have
> been in response to yours.

any time