Re: The Cloning Debate (again)

Randall R Randall (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 20:58:32 -0500

On Sun, 11 Jan 1998 20:32:57 +0100 Erik Moeller
<> writes:
>Michael Lorrey wrote:

<a bunch of stuff>

>It's exactly reactions like this one I expected. That happens when a
>capitalist gets the tool of cloning. Earn a living or die out.

That's reality. Welcome to the real world, Erik! :)
Seriously, there are only three ways to live. Either one produces,
is on charity, or steals. There are no other ways, but I have
absolutely no problem with the first two (and what's more, I
really don't think Michael does either).

>Everybody can
>do it.
>Those so-called poor people just don't try hard enough.

Actually, most 'poor people' are poor *because* of government
interference. Some may not care enough to work for a living,
but I think they're in the minority (or would be if institutionalized
theft didn't support them), and it is their right to choose to not
produce anything. It is *not* their right to force me, Michael, and
you to support them.

Dream if you will, but remember there are iron laws.--Johnny Clegg.