Re: God

Rick Rossi (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 15:04:57 -0500

>I disagree. I think to have a belief in something, one must have a reason
>for that belief.


>Absent a reason, then the belief is unjustified or unverified.

Justification is relative; unverified depends on whether the method of
verification is accepted, also relative.

>So, if there is no data -- a claim a disagree with; the universe is here,
>is data enough for atheists to claim "This is what is." -- there is no
>for a belief in God.

That may be an atheist conclusion, but to me it is not valid or true.

Thus, theists must offer some other argument or come
>up with data.

I guess.

There is no data for any discussion on the existence of god. At least not
now and as far as I know. Data that would or could be verified using the
scientific method, that is.

Richard L. Rossi
The NTR Group, Inc.