Re: God

Max M (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 11:43:04 +0100

David A Musick wrote:

> I have no problem with people ignoring theories involving God, but I view
> *rejecting* those theories as flawed thinking. Denying something without
> evidence or reason is just as bad as asserting something without evidence
> or reason.

The claim that a god exists has as much scientific proof as the claims
that there exists Dragons, unicorns, witches, magicians, sireens etc.
That a lot of people believes something, and has been believing it for a
long time, doesn't make it the truth.

Why do those of us that doesn't believe in a gods existence, have to
prove that he doesn't exsist? The evidence is such that a case held in
any western court would rule that god doesn't exist.

People who makes a claim holds the burden of proof. Why doesn't this
work for religion, only for everything else?

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