Re: Dr. Seed on becoming god-like

Harvey Newstrom (
Fri, 09 Jan 1998 10:06:28 -0500

Chris Hibbert wrote:
> Did ya hear the immortal words of the impressive Doctor Seed?
> God made us in his image. We're becoming more like him all
> the time. This [developing the ability to clone] is one of
> the important steps we need to take in becoming more like
> God. God intended for us to be like him, and for us to
> become more like him.
> What wonderful rhetoric! Can anyone find the exact words that
> Dr. Seed (no, I'm not making up the name!) used? I encourage
> extropians to find ways to use rhetoric like that when
> appropriate (when talking to the religious or the deluded.)

I disagree. I do not think scientists should claim that their research
is "the Will of God" to try to gain the support of the religious. Do
you really expect religious leaders to reverse their condemnation of
cloning because Seed says it is God's will?

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