Nice site (
Fri, 9 Jan 1998 03:02:40 -0600

I browsed your website for a while and liked it. I am a fellow
webmaster myself (although I play an attorney by day) ;-) . I was
wondering if you would link your site to ours?

I have carefully assembled more than 340+ legal related search
engines onto our site into a "gigantic" metaindex search tool. These
are not just links to the search engines but the actual search forms
for each engine. It is a great tool for legal research allowing you to
access for free much of what major commercial service still charge lots
of money for.

Our listTool - Mailing and Discussion List Manager makes the process
of subscribing, unsubscribing and sending commands to over 500+
mailing and discussion lists easy. Enter your email address, select the
mailing list, pick the command and press the "Send Command to List"
button and our software will do the rest. Users can also search our
database of thousands of legal questions and answers or post a free
question to our network of 190+ attorneys across the United States.
Attorneys can join the network for free.

If you do wish to link to us the url for our Home Page is: . The url for the Legal Research page is: although a link to the
Home Page is always preferred.

Please let me know if you do link to us. I really appreciate it.

Bahman Eslamboly
Attorney at Law