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Max M (
Thu, 08 Jan 1998 16:26:36 +0100

Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> I respectfully disagree with both of you. No matter how much I may
> agree with your views, they are political. You are trying to instill
> religious (even if Extropian) *values*. Education should teach
> knowledge and skills that can be used by the individual. Training an
> individual how they should behave in society is not education. It is
> programming and brainwashing.

This is the exact conflict between the german and the anglosaxican(?)
pedagogical ways of thinking.

It's the difference between the North european / Scandinavian and the
English / US American way of thinking. So you stating that, is in itself
a political statement. :-)

Europe tends to support the idea that the educational system should take
part in bringing up educated/cultured individuals based on understanding
and discussion. The anglosaxican POW is that the educational system
should create knowledgeable individuals based on factual information.

It can be argued which POW produces the best results. The Japanese for
instance seems to have an extreme anglosaxican POW and this seems to
cause them trouble in the area of creativity.

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