CLONE/was Richard Seed, human cloner

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Wed, 7 Jan 1998 22:20:40 -0500 (EST)

At 12:48 PM 1/7/98 -0800, Damien R. Sullivan <> wrote:
>There you go. Benefits of our wonderful democracy; we can't even pass
>cloning ban quickly. Britain would be (has been?) much faster.
>CNN is also taking an Internet poll. Utterly unscientific of course, but
>it's registering 32% yes, 65% no, 1% only in cases of infertility. I
>list in the order options are presented, which may shape the results.

Let's have a tally of the benefits of human cloning. We should think
hard about this since we want to persuade others not to ban it. I
think human cloning will, in the short run, prove beneficial to life

Anyway, I've not heard anyone on the news, despite the high profile of
the Richard Seed story, touting the benefits side. The best was the
local NPR station's Leonard Lope (?). He has a show in the NYC area
in that time slot. He weighed in against getting hysterical over the issue.
This is better than the rest, who all seemed to have great contempt for
the idea.

Daniel Ust