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Brian D Williams (
Wed, 7 Jan 1998 07:04:48 -0800 (PST)

From: Alex Tseng <>

>U.S. scientist poised to clone humans, radio says

>A Chicago-area scientist is poised to start experiments on
>cloning human beings to create babies for infertile couples,
>National Public Radio (NPR) reported Tuesday. It said Richard
>Seed, a physicist who has done fertility research in the past,
>was proposing setting up a clinic that would clone babies for
>would-be parents. NPR said Seed had been negotiating with a
>Chicago area clinic, which it declined to name, that had all the
>equipment needed to try the procedure. Seed could not be
>immediately reached for comment.

>Just received this over infobeat ...
>is anyone following up on this out there ... ?
>here we go .... ATLC

Yep, it's all over the press/papers here in Chicago today, I was a
little surprised, I thought Klinton and the congressional luddites
passed a law against human cloning research...

If not look for one.....

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