Re: Public Relations?

Dwayne (
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 15:22:59 +1100 (EST)


> I am not sure if it makes much sense to think of extropianism as a
> movement, given the forms it seems to exhibit most characteristically over
> the five years or so I've been looking it over. More like a constellation
> of spaces in which a group of people discuss certain idiosyncratic
> preoccupations (most of which I share). Usually stimulating, often
> useful, sometimes deeply pleasurable, but a *movement*?

I would describe it as a "memetic attractor" to use one of the neologisms I
have come across on the net which best describes my feelings on the

I would suggest that those who are prepared for the ideas summed up as
"extropianism" will become involved, and those who don't really shouldn't
be pushed or even guided. I think spreading the meme is a good idea, but
active proselytising would not be so good.

I tend to be slightly elitist in such cases because I honestly feel that
only a certain subset of the human race will "get it" and widespread
publicity will not help some people "get it" more or faster, it will merely
make the ideas -potentially available- to more people.