Re: Savior Machines? (was Re: Future Technologies of Death)

Max More (
Sun, 04 Jan 1998 13:22:52 -0800

On the topic of mind scans and uses of such machines for criminal justice
purposes, among others, I strongly recommend the novel The Truth Machine by
James L. Halperin. Jim is a member both of Extropy Institute and Alcor.
Following up on this fine first novel, his second is about to be released:
The First Immortal -- an extremely extropian view of life extension. I hope
many of you will buy a copy and help publicize the book. It can only help
further public support for life extension. But while you wait a few weeks
for The First Immortal, you can be reading The Truth Machine. He raises and
discusses many of the issues in this thread, in an entertaining work of


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