Re: Cat kicking (was Re: Child rearing)

JD (
Fri, 02 Jan 1998 23:55:40 -0600

Michael M. Butler wrote:

> What bugs me about this thread is the number of people who don't seem even
> academically interested in what the kid's makeup and/or upbringing was
> like, up to that point, such that kicking the cat seemed like an
> appropriate thing to do.

That bothered me a lot, I just didn't comment. The little snot should be
spending every weekend and vacation till his 18th birthday cleaning cages and
feeding animals at the humane society. for his birthday, he gets a suitcase
and a bus ticket out of town.


> _Something_ is/was clearly messed up. The reported timeslice is, in my
> view, much too narrow to tell _what_.
> I'm not defending anyone in the described scenario--just wondering at
> others' snap judgements. "Spoiled" is not a label that makes sense to me
> here. Then again, I never use it myself. *Shrug*
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