Re: child rearing

Steve Witham (
Thu, 1 Jan 1998 22:19:48 -0400

> (Rick Rossi) wrote:
>...7 yr. old boy kicks cat in head... Boy gets 10 smacks on bottom
>with belt from father... father gets arrested for child abuse...

"Mark D. Fulwiler" <> wrote (if I've got this right):
>Being a cat lover and having W.C. Field's attitude towards most kids,
>I'm on the father's side....Child abuse, my butt (pun intended).

While the boy did something wrong, something about the
BELT makes me wonder whether the father had taught the boy to act that way.
(Besides, on whose word do we have it that it was the boy who hurt the cat?)

I believe the state *should not have taken sides.* Mark, why do you think
it's right or necessary for you to take a side, here?


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