Syncing up via the Human Core Definition :-/

Max M (
Sat, 03 Jan 1998 02:59:02 +0100

It's a little problem I have been puzzling with.

In the future when all we >H are uploaded and racing along at our own
speed, we will have a serious interface problem. Personally I am looking
forward to "the far side party" and am eager to participate. The only
problem is in the assumed exponential scale of development that all of
my backups and clones will have, as they race through the galaxy.
Exponential growths leads to exponential growth in difference. Thus my
(or should I say "ours" about me and the clones?) backups will have very
different speeds.

How on earth are we gonna dance at the party? With so different
perceptions of time, Pitch and tempo will seem different to me/us all.

This leads to a more general problem. How are we going to share our
memories at the far side? Speech is out of the question I think. Way to
slow and imprecise. Being uploaded as I/we are and converted to pure
information processing, there must be a better way.

We need to store what we have in common at the time of cloning, only
then can we compare our differences in some kind of meaningful way. I/We
should then be able to share those differences and have a distributed
collective memory with multiple backups, which can then race along to
"the really far side party" on the other end of the universe. Wherever
that may be :-)

Perhaps we should develop a generic human definition, so that all
interested transhumans, not only one self and clones, can share memories
and experiences? Sort of an icky thought. But who knows how a transhuman
will feel?

The "Human Core Definition" will be the smallest possible subset of
self. Probably the memories and feelings of each >H at the time of
uploading, stored in a well defined manner, and with some kind of
transmission protocol built in.

This would allow us to make a clone, slow down it's speed and experience
the farside party in some kind of real-time with others. When the
party's done, the clone can be merged with the other clones and be part
of the collective memory.

It would even make it feasible for some >H clones to stay on earth and
help out in something approaching human standard time. When they have
done their "tour of duty" they could then share the collective memory
and their own experiences could become part of the collective memory.

Thus my idea is to have a Human Core Definition that is endlessly
extensible with the memories and experiences of clones / Backups /
Agents / self, or whatever we choose to call them. Then we wouldn't need
to have every experience ourselves but could share others. Or wouldn't
that be us self after sharing... Hmm?

whew!!! sorry for the lengthy post. Had i had more time It could
probably have been shorter. (Wasn't that Mark Twain who said that?)

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