Re: "Immortality" gene revealed

Erik Moeller (
Sat, 03 Jan 1998 00:31:51 +0100

Anders Sandberg wrote:
> Tony Benjamin Csoka <> writes:
> > I agree that telomerase might not be the "immortality gene" but could you
> > provide a reference to support your statement that Galapogos tortoises
> > don't appear to age. I thought they just had a long lifespan?
> I don't know about the tortoises, but there are some species that do
> not age, most notably some fishes and lobsters. They do not age, and
> just grow slowly larger until an accident or lack of food does them
> in. I don't have Leonard Hayflick's _How and Why We Age_ here, but he
> discuss this subject.

Maybe it would be helpful to create a detailed table/overview of species
which do not age, including their habitat. Parallels?