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Anders Sandberg (
01 Jan 1998 18:15:42 +0100 (Dan Clemmensen) writes:

> > Maybe we should think of developing a tool of combatting future or now
> > chock?
> But there is such a tool: Science Fiction. SF is currently the best
> way I know of to explore the social consequences of technological
> change.

True. But it is hard to find sf that deals with the discoveries and
work being done *right* now. For example, what is the work in
micromachines leading to? Will it help develop nanotech, will it just
be expensive toys for graduate students, will it create a completely
unexpected industry on the mesoscale? There are simply too many fields
to explore, too much going on for the sf authors to do good
extrapolations. What I'm groping for is some kind of "review of
everything" that gives reviews of what is going on in many fields,
reviews of the reviews sugegsting how these might combine, and so on.

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