Extropians: Select vs. Compost

anonymous (zylof@rigel.infonex.com)
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 18:15:48 +6400 (PST)

Of course I don't mean to paint Extropians with the same brush. Instead
I'll take the other simplified approach and divide us into two
groups. The "Select" are those of us who will be selected by nature and
each other to make it to the future: to the Singularity, should that
occur, or otherwise through cryonics, uploading, and the wonderful
future beyond. The "Compost" are those who, by neglect, will
find themselves doomed as all humans before them have been
doomed. Of course luck will play a big part, but of the
factors under the control of our persons and our small groups,
the following are some concrete manifestations of character which
distinguish Select from Compost:

Select Compost
-------- ------------
Knows the locations of the local Can point out all the Apollo
healthy restaraunts, 24-hour drugstore, landing sites on the Moon.
hospital, health food store, and
technical bookstore

"Vegan" an important dietary habit "Vegan" a fascinating creature
met while on a trip

Overcomes addictions Thinks nicotine's "smart drug
effects" outweigh the risks

Telecommutes Joyrides in personal airplanes

Can on occasion predict particular Can precisely pinpoint
market prices using unique the date of the Singularity

Can recognize and differentiate between Can nitpick all the physics
good and bad epidemiological studies errors in a sci-fi movie

Knows the names of good doctors, Knows the names of the
dentists, and nutritionists entire "Deep Space Nine" cast

Develops relationships and community Treats cryonics like an
towards mutual assistance anonymous cash transaction
in cryonics

And the #1 way to distinguish Select from Compost:

Evolves via daily survival & growth Evolves via alien upload to a comet