Re: URL: Is Engines of Creation off the web?

James B. Lewis (
Sun, 30 Mar 1997 10:42:25 -0800

At 3:35 AM -0800 3/30/97, Mitchell Porter wrote:
>I am unable to connect to Russell Whitaker's copy of Engines of Creation
>at, nor for that matter to
>his site, nor to his SGI web. I thought there was a mirror
>of EOC somewhere in Europe (in Poland?), but I can't find that either.
>Does anyone know what the story is?

It has indeed been unavailable this past week.
I have checked with Russell Whitaker, who maintains the EOC site. The
problem seems to be that the domain name registration is on hold, which he
is looking into. In the meantime, this link should work:

I am also in the process of transferring EOC to the Foresight web site,
where it should be available later this week.

Jim Lewis

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