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March 27, 1997 ---

UFO-Comet Cult: Murders by "Viruses of the Mind?"
From: Dick Farley <cloudrider@aol.com>

(by whom the FOLLOWING supplemental MATERIAL IS "COPYRIGHT 1997", excluding
that of "Sheldon Nidle.")

(Hale-Bopp material follows this Introduction & "bio" sketch.)
From: cloudrider@aol.com ///
The "forwarded" e-mail following this commentary was from Wes Thomas
<west@sonic.net>, who routinely forwards information to various online
researchers and monitors of various "cults" of UFO believers, "conspiracist"
publications and alleged "mind-influencing" technologies and claimed victims
of same.
Thomas sent this to his distribution list as noted on the following e-mail
date, making an observation and soliciting opinions about one "Sheldon
Nidle," who has become in recent months one of the more prominent "online"
channellers and "annunciators" of the so-called "civilization" whose
spacecraft he some assert has been "riding-in-hiding" in the tail of Comet
Other online denizens of the "UFO world," as well as graduates and veterans
of various "remote viewing" programs of CIA and the Defense Intelligence
Agency (some now in more or less private "psi" practices) have also been
asserting "ET" or "alien" presences and activities coming into play as Comet
Hale-Bopp is passing.
According to the Internet, Sheldon Nidle has been getting some
"amplification" among the anarchy and "conspiracy" communities via his
several appearances on "The Art Bell Show," a syndicated late-night radio
program that focuses on "UFOs" and other conspiracies, but which
conspicuously has avoided, (according to folks more closely monitoring Art
Bell than have I), any references, topics or indulgence of folks who'll
discuss alleged "mind-control" or "mind-influencing" programs, whether inside
or outside of government...(of the U. S. or of "others").
Perhaps most noisily prominent among several of the former and acknowledged
"Remote Viewers" associated with CIA "Grill Flame" and later, DIA's "Star
Gate" progams of psychic spying (see references at end of this introduction &
Sheldon Nidle's pronouncement)...is David Morehouse, who has publicly been
making claims and predictions about "Hale-Bopp" and its associated phenomena.
He's authored "Psychic Warrior," a questionable and questioned tale about his
erstwhile career, although other "insiders" suggest Morehouse's is carefully
crafted disinformation. And he's attracted big money and film-making
Another primary "Hale-Bopp & aliens" claimant has been one Major Ed Dames,
(formerly U. S. Army), who works now with a fading "psychic spying/remote
viewing" company called Psi-Tech. One of Dames' "trainees" and graduates is
an Emory University professor, Courtney Brown, Ph. D., who previously worked
at the Carter Center. Dr. Brown has published a book about "ET" interactions,
and recently, Dr. Brown has been reported as becoming a "believer" in the
Hale-Bopp "aliens-are-here" scenario, and he has reportedly spoken publicly
about this.
Also, one Dr. Stephen Greer, based in Asheville, NC, a physician, ("TM"
hierarch; Bah'a'i); and chairman of a non-profit group called "C-SETI"
(Center for Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences)...has enjoyed high
levels of financial support (from Laurance S. Rockefeller; and the BSW
Foundation, in New York) for his proclaimed efforts (Project Starlight) in
making "contact" with "approaching alien beings."
Greer also has been reportedly advocating for some kind of "Hale-Bopp"
signalled imminent "contact."
Beyond Greer, other advocates for Hale-Bopp as a "harbinger" for supposed
"alien contactings" have been the wife of former Reagan-era U. S. Ambassador
to France, Marie "Bootsie" Galbraith, (wife of Evan G. Galbraith, both
residing in New York City); and former Sergeant Major Robert Dean, retired
from the U. S. Army with duty at SHAEF, (Europe), in recent years a prominent
UFO "believer," (quoted most recently in the current issue of the tabloid,
"The Sun"). Dean is said to believe he's a reincarnated "Templar," from the
old Freemasonic tradition.
Funding for these folks has come from Rockefeller and Las Vegas "UFO buff"
and real estate entrepreneur Robert Bigelow (who's had extensive dealings
with the Resolution Trust Corp. in "turning around" properties salvaged from
"fire sales" associated with the S & L scandals), and HRH Prince Hans Adam
II, ruler and head of government of the Principality of Liechtenstein, as
Defender of The Faith, etc.
Prince Hans Adam has been a "behind the scenes" funder of so-called "UFO
believer" gambits since the late 1980s, including of a conference (TREAT-92)
headed by the wife of the current Chairman of PSI-TECH (referenced above, in
re Major Ed Dames), who is a retired Maj. General Stubblebine, former head of
the Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), also described as being
a "true believer" in the "alien hypothesis," as is his wife the "UFO
A former senior CIA scientist and neurophysiologist, Dr. Christopher "Kit"
Green, has described many of these folks (and their powerful backers) as
being part of an "international cult," infected with a "mental contagion."
(Interview with this writer, June 1994.)
With these recent 39, and previous deaths associated with the so-called
"Solar Temple" of the late Luc Jouret, and in view of Jouret's previous
involvements (as a "trainer", though some said as "mind control" guru) with
several of Canada's powerful oil, gas and utility operations before his
death, those in search of more background and some answers associated with
this most recent tragedy (and perhaps "psychic homocide"?) of these 39 "true
believing" UFO cultists should cast their nets widely! These people were
murdered, whether directly or not.
Two recent books provide various levels of documentation and context about
so-called "psi" and heavily focused "extra-terrestrial" or "alien
intelligence" interactions by operatives with high intelligence, but
apparently destabilized frames-of-reference and losses of perspective.
1. Schnabel, Jim. "Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic
Spies." 1997. Dell (paperback). 452 pages. $5.99. ISBN # 0-440-22306-7. //
Schnabel is a London-based "science writer" widely reported to be associated
as a friendly author for Central Intelligence Agency. He has written
previously about the so-called "alien abduction" phenomenon, in
"Dissociation" journal, back in 1994. His most recent book is the most
comprehensive and factual disclosure of U. S. government-sponsored research
and operations in areas of "remote viewing" and "psi." Schnabel touches on
allegations of so-called "applied anomalous phenomena" by other agencies or
"rogue elements" funded by outside sources. (Our own work has developed ample
and primary documentation of these "off-books" activities, targeting
belief-systems of U. S. citizens.)
The other reference is an unpublished, but scheduled book:
2. Marrs, Jim. "Alien Agenda: Investigating the Extraterrestrial Presence
Among Us." June 1997. Harpercollins. 464 Pages. $24.00. ISBN # 0-06-018642-9.
// Marrs authored the best-selling "Crossfire," described as the "most widely
read book about the JFK assassination." It is claimed that Oliver Stone based
his film, "JFK," in large part on Marrs' book.
Marrs' latest book (in pre-publication version) includes considerable
material obviously provided by former (but highly controversial and
questionable) "ex-remote viewer," David Morehouse. And a great deal of
Morehouse's quoted narrative in Marrs' book is about "ETs," notably
"Hale-Bopp." It is probable that Marrs' (and Morehouse's) approach is one of
carefully crafted disinformation, as Marrs' book is notable for what he
leaves out...which is not much in terms of "UFO" activities in recent years.
Marrs' covers the field very credibly, although he neglects scenarios where
some of these described phenomena and experiences of "UFO percipients" might
have correlate causes in so-called "mind-influencing" technologies, either
via "hardware/software" approaches, or from purported "psi" and "applied
anomalous phenomena" techniques such as "dream influence," direct "psychic
attack" affecting emotions, and "psychic driving." This employs emotionally
based "reinforcement" of carefully crafted "alternative belief structures"
(alternatively described as "mind-viruses", similar in effect on the human
mind to computer-viruses), which have been described in psychiatric
literature, most frequently in terms of "CIA mind control." This, in recent
years, has become a euphemistic term as "mind influence" R & D has apparently
moved outside government and infested academic and philanthropic
institutions, here and offshore.

A recent "Sheldon Nidle" script about the "Hale-Bopp" transferences
follows, as it was circulated LAST WEEK among various observers of these
trends and belief-system manipulations. We have two years' worth of data
(names; text; contexts; past associations; content-analyses, funding)
centering on the so-called "UFO field," (UFOlogy), now coming into public
domain and production.
For additional information, contact: Dick Farley <cloudrider@aol.com>
Or write: P. O. Box 106, Frostburg, MD 21532.

Bio sketch:
(Dick Farley is a free-lance journalist and public policy analyst who has
followed these issues since 1973, while pursuing a parallel career in the
development of programming for non-profit organizations and mainstream
journalism. He was an honoree by Associated Press (Chesapeake Division,
Delaware/Maryland/District of Columbia), receiving the 1990 "Mark Twain
Award" for Investigative Reporting. He's been a published writer for 20
Recruited to work with the "Human Potential Foundation, Inc.," founded
(1989) by U. S. Senator Claiborne Pell and funded primarily by philanthropist
Laurance S. Rockefeller, Farley worked (1991-1994) for HPF president, Dr.
Cecil B. "Scott" Jones, Jr., who is a retired U. S. Navy Commander and former
naval intelligence operative, DIA "asset" and naval attache to Nepal while
assistant naval attache to India, later a contract operative for KamanTEMPO,
Inc., then Special Assistant to Senator Pell. Disagreeing with Jones'
approach to "UFOs," Farley on his own downgraded to consultant in Feb., 1994;
he later was laid off when HPF ceased its public operations in May, 1994.
(In a separate and unrelated matter, Dr. Jones was accused by his female
Executive Assistant of allegedly "exhibiting improper behavior in their
personal relationship," a matter remaining unresolved between them. She was
abruptly terminated by HPF's board in April of 1994.)
Farley served as Director of Project Development of the HPF, and is listed
as contract liason between HPF and Dr. John Mack's "Center for Psychology and
Social Change", in the documents conveying the first $194,000 from Laurance
Rockefeller to Dr. Mack's "PEER" Project studying "alien abductions," which
was routed through the Human Potential Foundation (1993). Farley was
acknowledged by Dr. John Mack, along with Cdr. Jones and Laurance Rockefeller
among others, in Dr. Mack's book, "Abduction," first published by Simon &
Schuster in 1994.
Farley also contributed the "Matrix of UFO Beliefs," which was provided to
the Clinton White House in conjunction with Laurance Rockefeller's (4/93 &
2/4/94) approaches to Dr. John Gibbons, White House Science Advisor, to
encourage W.H. declassification of so-called "UFO information" the U. S.
government might be retaining.
His "Matrix of UFO Beliefs" was included in materials the White House
released in answer to several Freedom of Information requests (1994 & 1995).
Farley resigned his HPF position on 3 Feb 1994, so he could provide
independent documentation to the White House about the Rockefeller "UFO
Initiative," after Cdr. Jones refused to emphasize the demonstrable "mind
control" components associated with a predominance of purported "UFO"
experiences as reported.
Subsequent journalistic and private investigation by Farley and colleagues
has produced substantial documentation that considerable of the so-called
"UFO" and "paranormal" phenomena, widely reported as "ET-related," are
victimizations of U. S. and foreign citizens by agents, cultists and "global
mind change" advocates associated with transnational cartels &
non-governmental agents fostering clandestine Post-Cold War realignments.
Farley is married to an environmental scientist, and they are parents of a
son with multiple handicapping conditions. He serves as an ordained and
ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church - USA. He is a former "Life Scout,"
worked previously (1981-1983) as Coordinator of Information and Policy
Analysis for the then- 200,000-member Cousteau Society, and is a registered
political Independent.
His book about these issues is in preparation.

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Subj: Sheldon's Latest: March 18th Update
Date: Wed, Mar 19, 1997 17:35 EDT
From: west@sonic.net
(cc to, among others on distribution list): cloudrider@aol.com (Dick Farley)
X-From: west@sonic.net (Wes Thomas)

Either this guy is totally insane or under heavy metaprogramming from some
organization....this goes way beyond weird. He's apparently living in a
bizarre scifi reality. What do you think? - Wes

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Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation March 18 ,1997
(6Manik, 15 Ceh, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We come, as we promised, to give you some additional data about
your planet's holographic interiors, as well as the divine plan for each
soul grouping in your population. This data will primarily concentrate on
the first two groupings of "star seeds" and "advanced Earth souls". In
addition, we shall give you new intelligence about your planet and its mass
landings. So let us start this brief discussion with some more detail about
the post-mass landing scenario. This material can roughly be divided into
two partsothe interiors scenario and the teaching program. We shall begin
with the interiors scenario.
As we last stated, the first 30 holographic interiors are now completed.
These prototypes are only the first of hundreds of thousands of such
facilities that will be built during the next six galactic months. The
prime question should not be their exact number and location, but how you
will be quickly transported into these facilities. The key to this problem
is a unique set of technologies that have been modified by the scientists
and technicians of our defense forces. In our recent past, it was often
extremely necessary to teleport vast amounts of both personnel and material
from orbiting space stations to planet-side, or to evacuate these same
elements off-planet to awaiting ships in as quickly a time frame as possible.

Consequently, given the proper number of cargo and transportation ships,
the capability of those systems is quite enormous. For example, the nearly
one million ships that we now have available could easily teleport all
inhabitants of the 30 designated metropolitan areas, as well as their
personal goods, in less than one hour. However, we have set up a special
plan that lengthens this process to almost six hours. This evacuation plan
includes a number of important elements. First, we wish all such designated
Earth humans to have the time to decide what personal items they want to
take with them. Second, we want to quickly permit them to tell any
relatives and friends where they will be. All immediate family members will
be a part of this evacuation process. Finally, we want to have time for a
brief training in how to operate the new technologies that they shall be
exposed to.

Hence, the plan has been established to allow the maximum amount of
interaction conceivable between Earth inhabitants and Galactic Federation
personnel. The new environments will be paradises compared to the old ones
on the Earth's surface. Moreover, you will be allowed to carry with you
those items that you deem necessary. Any other items can be easily created
by the processors that will be provided to each household. You will not be
isolated. Communication technologies such as holographic video
teleconferencing and various telepathic devices make it possible to
instantly communicate with anyone you so desire. Finally, we will provide a
quick training of approximately 30 minutes that will prepare you to use
these advanced technologies. Included in this package will be rapid contact
to any technician that you may need to successfully work this equipment.

Having been put in these new habitats, you will quickly notice an important
fact. Your type of training and your immediate responsibilities are based
on your particular soul grouping. In previous messages, we have delineated
these soul groupings. Now, let us look more deeply at these soul groups and
their responsibilities in the post-mass landing environment. This
discussion will look at two pointsothe nature of their tasks and how
quickly each grouping will go into full consciousness.

The first soul group to be looked at is the so-called "star seeds". This
specific category constitutes less than two per cent of Earth's population.
You represent what we like to call our ground crew. You wonderful souls
have come from many different parts of our galaxy and in some rare cases,
even from other galaxies. Each one of you has the great responsibility to
act as both the teacher and counselor for your brethren. Many Galactic
Federation counselors have had several lifetimes on your planet. However,
you now possess a particular knowledge of what is presently happening on
your world. Your vital experience has and will be a vital link for the
entire training process.
This primary reason is why you may have had past dreams in which you were
questioned about your daily life on this planet. However, many of you were
just questioned and then made to forget this experience. Federation liaison
teams were just seeking an appraisal of what is occurring on your world.
Because of your input, these liaison teams have designed a very accelerated
training program for you. This program will begin some two hours before the
mass landings. We will use protected scalar technology to initially contact
you telepathically. When the heavenly calming music begins, we will
teleport you to special transports for your training and transformation
into full conscious beings. Just before the mass landings begin, you will
be beamed back to your residences. Your task will be to assist all Earth
humans who are in panic over what is happening. You will also aid other
persons in adjusting to their new environment after the mass landings.

The second group that we will review is the advanced Earth souls. This
group can be likewise divided into three subgroups. The first subgroup is
composed of those souls that have been chosen to assist the "star seeds"
and the Galactic Federation counselors in completing their tasks. This
subgroup is only about seven per cent of the Earth's population. Many of
these beings are now in the process of first "waking up" and beginning to
understand what is about to happen to your planet. They will be given
priority in becoming fully conscious, if they are needed to assist us to
complete the ten-day accelerated training that will prepare most of you for
your new conscious realities.

The second subgroup is composed of those souls who are now completing their
present Earth karmic cycles. It encompasses over 77 per cent of the Earth's
human population. This soul subgroup is the major reason for the entire
mass landing scenario. Most of these individuals have been unable to fully
understand the vast changes now taking place around them. Yet they have a
feeling that something is about to happen. Unfortunately, this feeling is
completely encased in the many fears that are a part of their environment
as well as their genetics. Their training will consist of special
one-on-one counseling, as well as rapid schooling using various advanced
learning technologies. These specially prepared technologies will quickly
ready them to become full participants in creating Earth's new galactic
The third and final Earth soul subgroup is those beings who are now
unprepared for this transformation. This subgroup consists of less than one
per cent of the Earth's human population. It is now being evaluated by
specially chosen Federation counselors. This soul subgroup will be
transported to a special planetary system in the Pleiades star cluster just
after the mass landings. The present profiles indicate that the majority
can be turned toward the Light. Those individuals who do will be given the
opportunity to return to Earth. However, the others who do not, will be
incarnated on less hospitable worlds where they can finally learn their
needed karmic lessons.

Let us now turn our attention to your planet. In the past few weeks, the
planet's magnetics have begun to dip to a level that indicated a quite deep
intent to shift into a new inter-dimensional reality before the galactic
month's end. To counter this potential problem, Federation scientists began
a designated program to stabilize Earth's magnetics as well as other
related phenomena. On 4 Chicchan, 13 Ceh, 5 Eb (March 16, 1997), they
introduced some changes to the Earth's hologram that will induce a slight
delay into the Earth's longing to now change into an inter-dimensional
being. This program will be completed by 7 Lamat, 16 Ceh, 5 Eb (March 19,

These new changes to the Earth's hologram will permit planet Earth to
better phase its changes to accommodate the time frame agreed upon by the
Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation. This process allows us to
consummate the final aspects of the mass landing scenario in truly divine
time. Right now, the various segments of the mass landing team are
assembling the final elements of this plan. This plan has, as you have
seen, a most complicated series of stages that have been completed. Only a
very, very, very few stages still remain that separate us from engaging the
mass landing operation.

One of these vital procedures is the elimination of a vast amount of fear
in your general population. This factor is a prime concern of your Angelic
Hierarchy. They wish to have you know that their special procedures will
help you to bring this fear under control. However, we will discuss this
program in very great detail in our next message. It is essential that all
of you understand how easy it will be to bring this fear under control. We
know that this program can be quickly implemented and set the final energy
patterns for the mass landings. Just know that these mass landings will
happen very, very, very, very soon.

Let us close this message with a few words to all concerned. First, the
Galactic Federation is about to complete the greatest first-contact
operation in its history. We do not perform these tasks without much
thought and strategy. It has indeed been an incredible education program
for all personnel in our commands. Second, we wish to fully thank all of
you on planet Earth for providing the great assistance and patience that
you have given us. It is not easy to go through the great amounts of
transformation that you have and still live in your limited
three-dimensional reality. You have gone through much to complete this
landing process. Third, we wish to thank planet Earth (Gaia) and her
Spiritual Hierarchies. They have gone much beyond what their duty demanded
to help us finish this operation successfully. Finally, we wish to thank
all the elements of Creation that have assisted us in completing this
operation successfully. We now leave you with salutations of Love, Light,
and Joy.
Selamat Ja! (Be in joy!)
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CloudRider note: Biblical refs: Matthew 24: vs. 1-44?

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