Re: FYI:w00f: UFO hiding behind Hale-Bopp: the plot thickens...

schoolbus (
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 01:58:06 -0600

Tony wrote:
> What I find most disturbing about this whole suicide incident is that there
> is a perverted form of transhumanism buried somewhere in their philosophy
> of "Heaven's Gate" and their idea of the transition to the "The Level Above
> Human" or whatever they call it.

It's funny, because I was thinking the same thing... Check this excerpt
out from their page...

"It is clear to all of us, that to the Anti-Christ -- those propagators
of sustained faithfulness to mammalian humanism -- we are, and will be
seen as, their Anti-Christ. This is certainly to be expected, and
it will not delay our return to our
Father's Kingdom. It might even accelerate that return."

Now, to them, as far as I can tell, the Kingdom of Heaven(Father's
Kingdom) is outer space. Nothing like a little new age alien
possession(which is what the whole foundation of their belief rests
on...) Anyways, notice, what they consider the anti-christ...
"propagators of sustained faithfulness to mammalian humanism" Hmm...
It does sound a lot like corrupted extropian views. I mean, biotech,
cloning, and of course, the total body and genetic manipulation that we
strive to obtain for ourselves.

wonder if anyone in their group has read extropian material? Of course,
this has me thinking about memes and such. how do memes mutate? This
sure seems like an extropian meme merging with a new age meme... I have
a lot of reading to do on memes. I wanna hear what my new age friend
has to say about this one...

> It saddens me that these people failed to realise that the only gate to
> "heaven" is one that *we* will create here on earth: the gate to
> posthumanity.
> Are we not spreading the extropian memes enough, or what?

Maybe we're finally spreading them enough... If non extropian people
can use it... But, perhaps we're not clear enough. I think that the
biggest reason memes mutate, is because some people are not open minded
enough to totally see the full meme, but only part of it. Extropianism
is a large meme, as is any other, really... My new age friend...(OK, I
will admit something to you guys, I'm a Christian(gasp!)...) Umm...
When I talk to him about my personal beliefs of God, and what the basic
principles of Christianity are, he mixes his new age preconceptions of
God in with what I tell him. Does this have to do with open
mindedness? I know we all have our own biases... But, when I hear a new
meme, I try to look at it from a totally fresh perspective, without
putting my own memetic influence on it. Then, after I've learned enough
about the subject, I start to mix my own memes with it... But I try to
understand something in it's pure form first. Perhaps, I listen to a
meme, and see if it's compatible with my belief system, and if it is, I
alter it to fit conveniently into the puzzle of my mind. Hmm... sorry
this has gone on to a lot of babble. anyways, I'm still trying to fit
the extropian meme into my christian worldview(and I know a lot of you
might get very hostile for me even suggesting that such a thing can
occur, or if it should.)

Anyways, gotta go...