Re: Data protection

Hara Ra (
Fri, 21 Mar 1997 23:58:09 -0800

Robert Schrader wrote:
> Awhile back, someone - I forget who - made the comment that the only
> way to really erase data was with thermite. I'm not sure if the comment
> was indended literally, but...

> For the really paranoid, a cmos clock chip and battery could be added
> internally. If a period of several days goes by without the microprocessor
> getting the key, it ignites the disk. ( Of course the time period should
> be programmable so that one can take vacations )

Some years ago I thought to design a personal computer which had a few
unused bits in some of its I/O latches for hackers to discover. When
they set one of these, it would set off a smoke bomb disguised as a
capacitator on the mother board.....

Then there was the video board I bought from Fry's which did actually
emit smoke when I powered up my PC. But that's another story....

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