Re: Hawking on Cloning
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 10:47:28 -0500 (EST)

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I tend to think that genius is largely genetic, too many great geniuses have

had pedestrian upbringing, but one of the great things about cloning is that

now we can know for sure. Clone Hawking, give the clone a good but not
extraordinary education, nothing better than that millions of people
if when the clone is 17 or 18 he knows more Physics than you do, then the
age old question will be decisively answered.

Yes, Hawkins would be an interesting choice, after seeing his film ( which
was dissapointing to me because the director chose to make it largely
bigraphical istead of focusing on the theories) it is apparent that he comes
from an eccentric, upper crust, English, nerdy intellectual and elitist
family. Raise him in the Ozarks on a pig farm and he might not be the same
man at all. But i given a very stable home, good education and nourishment,
the experiment might be qualified. Even if physics was not his study choice,
perhaps he would be extraordinary at something, say an inventor, or an
artist, or an engineer. Would the question be still 'decidely' answered?
; - )