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Loren S Hardy (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 16:25:52 EST

On Sun, 23 Mar 1997 13:17:00 -0500 Michael Lorrey <>
>Stephen Hawking just stated in an interview with an AP reporter:
>"The fuss about cloning is rather silly," he said. "I can't see any
>essential distinction between cloning and producing brothers and
>sisters in the time-honored way."

I Agree with Hawking whole heatedly. If anyone wants to know about the
after affects
of human cloning, you should be asking the millions of natural clones,
not other outsider
speculators who know nothing about the subject but their own stupid
silly ignorance’s.

Speaking from actual experience, myself being a natural clone, (being
an identical twin)
I have experienced no bad or ugly side affects, physically, emotionally,
or socially from
being born such.

All laws and rules apply normally as they would any other person. If I
have been endowed by
my creator (by a man or otherwise) with a humanly functioning brain,
then I am not the
property of anyone but myself, and neither is my human clone. Once a
human life has it's
own capable identity and human abilities, it automatically becomes
sovereign unto itself.
If you are of the ones who don't think so, just ask the human clone who
it belongs to.

Governments and Society in general have already bestowed all rights of
any normal person
to both of us human clones since birth, and we have suffered nothing we
are aware of.
All of the hoopla our society makes, especially the religious sectors is
rather childish and stupid,
and far beyond silly. There has been no God or gods who have condemned
me or my clone for
being two or more of the same, and I have always felt fine about it.
Actually, I have felt privileged
to have had such a wonderful relationship with my clone.

I personally challenge any (all) government leaders or religious leaders
of any religion,
or ethics dreamers (professional or not) to talk to me about human
cloning from the standpoint
of personal experience. What it's all about, "being a human clone",
and what the true actual
consequences are, and not the dreamed-up (in-their-head) consequences of
little or no

I've had nothing but a wonderful experience being a best friend of
someone else who has much in common with me, and who looks just exactly
like me
so much so that most people have a hard time telling us apart for 40

Yes it's true that many can't understand our connection or relationship
bonds, but
if you think about it, it's nobodies business to understand it except
the two or more people
in the relationship who have the bonds. Such relationships are just as
real and valid as any
other friendship connection between two or more people who aren't human

Whether my parents had made me by test tube cloning, or by natural
cloning, it really
makes no difference. The science is similar, except one can have more
It's the same thing in the end.

Loren Hardy
trustee for World Humanitarian Resource Network

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