Re: "Only meat"
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 23:45:45 -0500 (EST)

Damen Broderick writes:

> >>"They're made out of meat." <huge snip>

> No doubt Terry Bisson, author of this play, would find it hilarious that
> his work is being stolen and disseminated from list to list without
> acknowledgement.

Actually, Terry Bisson has given his permission to have that story
(and apparently only that story) freely scattered about the Net, so
long as he gets proper credit for it.

Some chowderhead appropriated it a long, long time ago. Easily over a
year ago. Somewhat more recently, it spread to rec.arts.sf.written,
where it was suddenly Noticed by the senior editor of Tor Books, who
was wroth and displeased-- and rightly so.

At that point, Terry stepped in and graciously allowed that story to
be distributed freely as long as he got proper credit.

Those who do not wish to take my word can use DejaNews to search
rec.arts.written.sf for articles from Patrick Nielsen Hayden with the
words "Terry Bisson" in them. If I could remember the thread title,
I'd name it here.

What bothers me is that Terry _still_ isn't getting credit, even in
the face of his good natured generosity.

John S. Novak, III 
The Humblest Man on the Net