Re: TWA 800: Crackdown on Inquiry

Forrest Bishop (
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 20:09:56 -0600 (CST)

You wrote:
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> And The Establishment-wide Crackdown on TWA 800 Inquiry
> by Ian Williams Goddard
> The entire major media is uniformly assaulting TWA 800 researchers.

> See my rebuttal of the 60 MINUTES smear job on my TWA 800 research:

> It's time to shutdown this Goddard with all his wrong thinking.
> Most of my fellow researchers who believe the Navy shot-down TWA
> 800 have been hit-on by the FBI, had their property seized, and
> we have all been hit with an avalanche of mass-media disinforma-
> tion. It's no secret: as pro-FBI CNN (3/12/97) [3] reports:
> The FBI this week launched a criminal
> investigation, hoping to stop missile
> theorists.

Ian, I saw this CNN report also. The lady reporter (can't remember her
name) called Salliger's people "so called investigators", and the
interviewed FBI suit was a waffle. One thing he said was to the effect
that the radar tape had been confiscated by the FBI to prevent it
being misinterpreted- he made it sound like they had the tape in
protective custody!
No evidence fron the other side was presented.
Although I'm not sure what happened to the aircraft, there is
certainly a disinformation campaign in the works.


> There it is folks: the use of law to stop wrong theory, to stop
> wrong thinking. This is a for-real, all-out Establishment-wide
> totalitarian crackdown on the few souls with the guts to question
> the so-called "investigation" by federal authorities into the crash


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