Re: Extropian Principles: SO Definition

Hara Ra (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 21:54:33 -0800

Crosby_M wrote:
> Early last fall there was some discussion about replacing 'Spontaneous
> Order' in BEST DO IT SO with 'Self Ownership'. If I recall,
> Spontaneous Order was disliked because it was a term from biology that
> seemed too submissive to whatever 'blind' evolution threw at us and
> Self Ownership was preferred because it was more 'libertarian' or
> suggestive of individual responsibility and creativity.
> I was looking at Stuart Kauffman's _At Home In the Universe_ the other
> day and noticed that the older term Spontaneous Order had been pretty
> much replaced by the newer term 'Self Organization'. It's clearly
> more extropic to use 'self' rather than 'spontaneous' because that
> emphasizes the agent rather than the environment. Self Organization
> seems like a nice compromise to me because 'organization' seems to
> imply a combination of both the other two concepts: external order and
> intrinsic ownership, along with the ability to chart one's own course
> between the two.
> Mark Crosby
I rarely do "me too" posts, but I agree with this one!!

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