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Steve Witham (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 00:56:35 -0500

Max More found this "sadly amusing..."
>>You have been given yourself, but you do not own
>>yourself. You are property of the "eternal", and to try and crown yourself
>>as the "eternal", would be met with great disfavor to your race. [...]

>>The previous transmission was received and relayed by the above entity on
>>3/6/97 at 1:34 am, from the Binary system "Sirius", Canis Major.

Channeling is *kool*--for other people that is. It reminds me of Daniel
Dennett's wondering about the sudden sprouting of "Multiple Personality
Disorder" cases. You give people a new model for how to run their brains
and they flock to it. Also reminds me of Hakim Bey's talking about
dirvishes and the need to get into not-normal modes to escape the spectacle,
essentially. Also reminds me of *A Course in Miracles,* a Bible-sized
channeled book I haven't got past page 65 of. Here:
A major source of the ego's off-balanced state is its lack of
discrimination between the body and the Thoughts of God. Thoughts
of God are unacceptable to the ego, because they clearly point to the
nonexistence of the ego itself...

But! *A Course in Miracles* led to Gerald Jampolsky's "Love is Letting Go
of Fear," which was an important book to me.

The future's really big, hard to get your brain around. You see someone
on TV seeming very Positive and Forward Looking and you might jump to the
wrong conclusion. The scary thought comes to you: it could happen.
We could *succeed*--at steering head-first into the integrated-circuit
grids of our Positive Forward Looking Wired consumer culture navels, pull
the navels in after us, and leave any notion of a natural, outside world
behind. And you realize, my programming tells me how to go along with
such a fate, not counter it.

It just might make you want to set the controls for Canis Major.


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