Re: TECH: Technology accelerating technological progress

Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 18:11:33 -0500

anthony c orlando wrote:
> If anybody knows anything about artificial retinas, transplants, or
> technologies that might lead to them, I'd like to know. I'm visually
> impaired and close to losing my remaining sight due to a genetic disease
> causing my retinal cells to die (Retinitis Pigmentosa). Id like to know
> what possibly lies around the bend that might give me my vision back.

There are researchers experimenting with implanting chips inside the
retina that run on photovoltaic power, and can create images of 10x10
pixels. WHile this may seem like not that much, it is better than
nothing for a blind person, and they promise greater advances in
resolution in the future....


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