Re: BUSINESS: Transhuman Posters

Johnny Carwash (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 20:59:47 -0400

>Why would you want a silicon, or silicon-compound, skin anyway? If you
>have that kind of tech, and want semiconductors in your skin, use
>diamond circuitry. Much more useful would be diamondoid plates. Or
>perhaps buckyhair. How does buckyfiber rate on the Kevlar scale? For
>more decoration, artificial quartzes, corundum, or diamond, with
>impurities in some particular pattern.

I don't think that buckyfibre is terribly practical as a clothing material.
Simply put, the applications for buckytubes are for storing other things,
such as fuel or whatnot. Since most fibres are polymers, (like Kevlar), it
would be very possible to make a super Kevlar, a lighter stronger Kevlar,
through nanotechnology. By arranging the atoms manually, all the problems
associated with Kevlar can be eliminated. In fact, I think a good design
would be strands of super Kevlar joining nanoscale diamond crystals. Since
they're all carbon based (diamonds being pure carbon) it may be possible to
chemically bond them. I'm not sure though, I'm not an organic chemist.
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