Re: EXOTERRA: Space Events of 20th Century

Peter C. McCluskey (
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 23:21:38 -0800 ("Natasha V. More(f/k/a/Nancie Clark)") writes:
>I'm putting together a proposal for a performance art piece to be performed
>at the Planetary Society's 1997 Conference. In doing so, I would like to
>refer to several breakthrough events that have taken in 20th Century. Events
>that come to mind are:
>1. Sputnik first breaking free of planet earth's atmosphere;
>2. Apollo Misson and astronauts walking on moon;
>3. Pioneer 10 leaving our solar system heading towards
> interstellar space; and
>4. Hubble Telescope time-travel imaging.

I'm surprised that you omitted the first person to leave earth's
atmosphere - Yuri Gagarin. Do you really think reaching the bottom
of another gravitational well (the moon) is more important than leaving
a gravitational well for the first time? I'm sure the leaders of the
Mudball^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Planetary Society think that way, but I would
expect you to try expanding their perspective.

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