Re: BUSINESS: Transhuman Posters

Johnny Carwash (
Sun, 09 Mar 1997 19:15:03 -0400

>Why sadness? You took a post with an intention to locate a printing press
>and singled out a visual idea and made it into a scientific debate. Then
>you began attacking values and accusing intent without fully comprehending
>the concept. Your blatant comments were based on an area of interest that
>you consider yourself to be adept at, but you missed all else. Rather than
>ask questions, your made assumptions and claimed them as facts.

The point was that this is a poster that will be seen by many people, making
the extropian concepts, and related concepts (nanotech especially) look like
scifi. This doesn't help the scientific world's impression of these

>Yes, I can see. I don't believe that anyone was intentionally trying to make
>science or you look foolish.

No, not intentionally, but the to the general public this sort of art makes
scientists interested in nanotech and futurism look like space cadets. Not
an image builder.
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