Am I Objective Reality? (Re: SOCIO: Friends)

Mike Coward (
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 04:19:39 -0500

First I reply to
Gregory Houston
who wrote:

>We REQUIRE government because we lack self-discipline,
>we are blind and ignorant of a paradigm of reality
>because we lack self-discipline.

You say WE alot.
As for government being a requirement I agree.
Even an "anarchy" is a bunch of sovereigns.
I have declared my sovereignty
and consider the law of the nature of the universe my government.
If you care to know more go to .
Follow your will to freedom.

> Could we not travel great distances
>by merely changing the structure of our own energy,
>modifying ourselves so that we
>could propel ourselves at and sustain high speeds.

We could.
We are particles.
Propulsion systems are particles too.
I once saw a picture of a UFO tracked by military forces
that looked very much like a flaming humanoid.

>what I am talking about has been tried before, and it has

Failure means it was not done right.

>We are so incredibly unaware of ourselves,
> There are many people who are aware of their pulse and their breathing,
>people who can even modify their pulse by merely thinking about it,

Be afraid/calm.
I went from 110 to 136 beats/minute in 3 seconds lying still on my back.
I repeated this 3 times and had one witness.
I probably had 150 when I was not looking.
It was quite an experience.
I wonder if hospitals keep records of ECGs.

>people who can modify their body tempature by merely thinking about it.

I used to wear a black wool trenchcoat year round.
I live in Florida.

>Nature is pretty damn cool,
>but if I had several billion years, I think I could create
>something a hell of a lot cooler.

Are your actions not natural?
Coolness is determined by subjective value projected upon it.
Change your values and you can enjoy anything as much as you like.
Oddly enough white walls can be quite erotic. :-)


Take a deep comforting breath.


Take a long slow blink.

Now I present some views of subjective/objective reality.
They are a bit unorganized but here it goes.
Subjective reality is the reality the subject sees.
The subject sees what it sees,
so any reality seen is subjective.
Objectivity exists only if the subject viewing it is the objective.

Is it possible for a subject to be objective?
I do what I do based on the law of the nature of the universe.
I live in nature.
My actions are simply reactions to stimuli provided by nature
from within and without.
An action and reaction are one continuous action.
If it was not we could not believe in any action
larger than the smallest particle interaction.
No longer would an atom exist,
for it is the sum of the actions of it's particles
which have banded together.
The universe is one action [uni = one, verse = turn].
My action is the action of nature
because none of my parts exist outside the influence of nature.
I can not seperate my action of being from the action of the universe.
If it did not exist I would not exist.
If I did not exist it would not be what it is.
As far as I would be concerned it would not exist.

Speaking of not existing, think of this.
Matter and energy can not be created nor destroyed.
I am matter and energy.
Therefore I can not be created nor destroyed.
I was not born, I will not die.
I have seen a baby with a brain stem and no brain.
It acted like a normal sentient baby.
Taking this into account is brain death really accurate?
When does it begin or end?
I do not think it does.

I want to present enough evidence to convince everyone
but I tire of writing this.
I hope some one learns some thing.
Feel free to let me prove your arguments wrong.
How's that for dynamic optimism?