Re: EXTROPIC ART: The Importance of Creativity

Kathryn Aegis (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 20:35:57 +0000

Robin Hanson:
>You would clearly be a very unhappy person had you not found friends
>who share your values as closely as you think your friends do. But
>don't begrudge those of us with very ususual values the benefits of a
>diversity of associatations gained from a tolerance of different values.

I'm going to try once more here to make myself clear here. I never said
that your friends have to completely agree with everything you value.
I never implied that my close friends agree with everything I say or
do. I never said that I don't tolerate a wide spectrum of lifestyles
or values in my own friends. It would be completely unreasonable for
me to expect my friends to be exactly like I am. For you to make this
assumption proves that you haven't listened to a darn thing I've been
saying this entire time--my entire point was about acceptance of who you
are as an individual versus mindless conformity to a group just to have
friends. You were the one complaining that you couldn't find any.


Kathryn Aegis