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Romana Machado (
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 16:11:45 -0800

An online directory of transhumanists (as well as the extropian subset),
called Transhuman Contact, is up & running at:

Mitch Porter and Damien Broderick recently helped me fix some bugs.
(Apparently Javascript still crashes some browsers.) If you added your data
during the test period you may wish to add it again. If you haven't added
your data yet, please do so.

You might also want to take a look at my latest project, "Stego Online", at Since not everyone can run Java where they are, or
necessarily want to have Stego on their disk, I've implemented a web
service with a simple HTML interface that runs the Stego classes on the
server side. This gets around the installation and setup problems that
users seem to be having. Of course, the next implementation of Stego will
be a signed applet that can run in a browser, as I have always envisioned
it, but the technology for that is not quite ready yet.

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