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Dear RavnStCrow (?),

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Or more accurately you copied part of my post...

<< am very interested in extropic ideas.
BTW, I am a "card-carrying" Libertarian, signed up with ALCOR for cryonic
suspension, (went to ACT festival, in was great!), and
a 100% skeptical, scientifically oriented superstition hating

is this the official Extropic defintion?
; )>

Thanks for question/observation (?). No, I would not say that I am
"officially" anything!:)
I certainly would not want a lot of wonderful and skeptical people who do not
happen to share my views on cryonic suspension or religion to think they are
"Outside" of extropian ideas. Or will be kicked out of the party! :)

I like the orientation that Extropy has in a number of areas. Including the
pretty clear cut fact, IMHO, that most progress we as a race have made has
been a result of increasing technology. Not new versions of old
superstitions called religions.

Which does not mean there are not some wonderful, kind, thoughtful people
deeply involved in all sorts of religions. I just happen to believe that
they would be "good" people anyway. They are basically decent, in other
words, *despite* their particular brand of superstition, not *because* of it.

I could be wrong. I have been wrong about a bunch of things in the past, and
it has toned down my natural arrogance a bit!:)

Onwards and Upwards,


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