Re: Old Tools

J. de Lyser (
Sat, 01 Mar 1997 02:54:55 +0100

At 22:18 28-02-97 GMT, Robin D. Hanson wrote:

>What about Graham Hancock's theories? Anybody have any opinions on that?

Guru George wrote:

>He reckons that the Cheops
>pyramid and the Sphinx, and a few other monuments scattered over >the
world, are much older than has been thought up till now, and >are kind of
encoded warnings about this fairly regular >catastrophic cycle. Some of
it's a bit von Danikenish, but a lot >of it seems quite coherent.)

The problem with these theories is that they haven't been published yet to
scientific historical/archeological magazines, and the argumenting parties
(pro and con) seem to talking to themselves rather than to eachother.

Joost de Lyser.