Re: EXTROPIC ART: The Importance of Creativity
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 16:13:31 -0500 (EST)

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And yet I wonder whether people really want to understand the
creative process, because having a basic knowledge of how it
functions would remove a lot of excuses for not developing that set
of skills, and taking the leap into unknown areas of life.

[So they say it's totally subjective, and meaningless...]

AHA!! Kathryn you have hit on what i consider to be a MAJOR truth, re;
critics and speculators (routinely on this list, scientists and tech people,
but in the real world, any layperson) not taking responsiblity for
themselves, and the belief that art is a totally subjective field, a
biproduct of man's psyche, rather than a field of infinite posiblities for
(as you have suggested many times in your posts) communication, functionality
and quality.

Art, creativity, in its many forms- including design, communicates
nonverbally, causes things to form ( by plan or example) , and creativity is
an integral part of improving the quality of life, even as much as, but
certainly in conjunction with, technology. The laziness you speak of is
rarely confronted in this forum, and I thank you for your insight.

up and out,