Re: Will the free market solve everything?
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 16:00:25 -0500 (EST)

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<<( M.Lorrey) >Extended lifespans only stretch out the time to confiscation,
>greater capital appreciation. As an example, Bill Gates has publicly
>stated that he plans on giving all of his wealth away by the time he

<<I'm not sure in what context Gates stated this (i.e., flip or a sudden
>stroke of altruism.) Also, he could reconsider his current views on death,
>in which case he would then reconsider giving away *all* his money. If
>comes to the conclusion that death is not necessary - valuing living
>< indefinitely; he just might invest his money in extending lifespans. >>

It would be interesting indeed, if a huge money player got involved in
immortalist research. I remember in R.A.Wilson's book,'Schroedinger's Cat',
the president offered a huge sum of money to anyone who could extend life or
find a cure for death and it happened really quickly. It is always surprising
to me that in a country that spends over a billion a year billion on
cosmetics to make us look young and beautiful, no one really bigtime wants to
fund cryonics or longevity research...
It's intrinsic value seems so damned OBVIOUS to me...