Re: MEDIA: Suggestions for Canadian TV: extropians & cloning

Steve Edwards (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 19:23:11 -0600

You write:
>>Of course, this is a politically impossible scenario, as the vast
majority of people having kids cannot rationally afford to have them
when they do, adn would go on the warpath against anyone trying to
interfere with their right to reproduce. But think about it. Just as one
must demonstrate financial responsibility to drive a car in most states
(insurance), people should have to demostrate financial responsibility
to have kids.

Michael Lorrey<<

This idea violates Edwards' law regarding kids:

If you wait until you have the time and money for them, you'll never have them. I had mine in graduate school. I was starving. I'm still starving, but the kids are doing fine.

Steve Alan Edwards,,

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