Re: Replicant EThics and the Free Market

Harry S. Hawk (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 15:46:25 -0500 (EST)

> feel a bit of this kind of altruism and protective instinct, seeing your own
> DNA, born ( I assume a clone must have surrogate mothering- imagine if you
> were it's mother, or your mate had carried it to term) and raised?
> Would we take pride, watching it growing up and thriving?

Sure its a copy but a bad one..


It look like me but it NOT....

If I had cancer and I wasn't sure ALcor et al will work.. it might
want to "buy" a clone and leave him a piece of my estate...

but if I wanted to leave a legacy I, PERSONALLY, speaking would rather
leave money to soeone with the same MEME's rather than the same

e.g., rather leave money to a young and like minded Extropian than a
newborn clone (or even adult clone) who might not see eye to eye,
might be highly competitive w/ me or resentful of me, etc.

Harry S. Hawk

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